In my quest to peel under the success of Lufthansa social media strategy, as part of my coursework for Squared Online, brings me now to the final post in the series.

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Why was Lufthansa in the top 10 in Social Brands 100/ 2013?Part1

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Lufthansa’s Facebook

Lufthansa Facebook Profile

From the above screenshot from Lufhtansa’s Facebook, it is apparent that they have a very popular Facebook page.  They have 1.4 m likes.

So what are some of the elements that they are doing well?

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Squared Online Module 1 Reflection

November 23, 2013

Here we are at the the end of Module 1 of the Squared Online course. What a ride! Learnt loads in such a short time.

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Why was Lufthansa in the top 10 in Social Brands 100/ 2013? Part 1

November 21, 2013

Tuesday, as part of my Squared Online course, Chris Perks , my tutor presented a webinar discussing how best one can measure social media ROI. When he posed the question in the chatroom, different views were shared. However, the group consensus was that we needed to  measure beyond the immediate impact in the bottom line of […]

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Social Media Ethnography – In Connecting are we Disconnecting?

November 13, 2013

Part of module 1 of my #squaredonline course I saw a few Ted videos, in order to reflect on our digital lives.  Because of my interest in the social sciences I found the talk by Sherry Turkle:  Connected but Alone, very revealing and thought provoking. Her premise is that mobile technologies and the way we interact with […]

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It’s Official I’m A Square Guerilla

November 1, 2013

This week I started a Digital Marketing Course with  According to the site “Squared exists to empower today’s and tomorrow’s leaders to drive the industry [r]evolution.” I must confess…being a Digital Che Guevara sounds pretty cool.

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