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Why did I decide to name my first post the EPITAPH?

You might be wondering, isn’t that a bit ominous for the first post?

Well, the truth is, that I don’t know how to best impress upon you that your time, no matter how young or old you are, on this earth is nothing else but limited. You should seize the moment, and proceed with committing towards achieving the goals that you set out to accomplish, otherwise you will end up departing with many unfulfilled goals.

And it does not have to be that way.

Seize the moment.  Take action.  Take control of your destiny. There will be no better time to start than now.

Moreover, death according to the interpretation of the Death tarot card can signal transformation, passage, change. The Death card indicates transition from lower to higher to highest. It may indicate from being brought low one can then go higher than they ever have before. This encapsulates this blog post neatly.  It will call your attention to your mortality to spur you into taking the action you require in order that you can excel and soar.

If you have chosen Internet Marketing as one of the vehicles to generate income for yourself and your loved ones so that you can afford the life you deserve.  If you have chosen Internet Marketing, to set you free from the chains of the 9 to 5. Do not let excuses stop you on your tracks.

Really, what are you waiting for?

Are you waiting for all your knowledge gaps to be filled before you start? Are you waiting for someone else to do it for you? Do you expect perfection or nothing else?  Are you worried if you start, and something goes wrong, what everybody will think of you? (Tip: Don’t).  Are you waiting for the planets to align so that you can take the first step?  Kinda funny, right? Well, it isn’t really a joke.  It is your life.

I do not want to come across as some sergeant whipping you into shape.  On the contrary my goal is to support you.  But, I need to point out to the screaming reality.

I have a question for you?  If not now?  When will you start your Intent Marketing business? When will you follow your dreams?

I thought, that when I die, I would like to somehow keep inspiring.  And I thought that I could use my tombstone to that effect.  Hence, I have told my wife that I would like to have the following as my epitaph and I would like to share it with you.  I hope that inspires you to take action.


Hey! You. Look here.
Just would like to let you know
if you have a dream
for goodness sake,
go after it.
Go after it now.
What are you waiting for?
When you are down here,
believe me
it will be too late.
No time for regrets.
No second chances.
So now Godspeed.

In my next posts I will aim at providing the inspiration and tools you require in order to make your Internet Business a reality.

Please do leave a comment if this post resonates with you in any way.  If it stirs you positively and you feel someone else can benefit from it, feel free to share this post.

Wishing you great success.

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