Is your WHY clear enough?

by Cris

Create a list of reasons why you want an Internet Business.

Is it because you want more freedom?

Send your children to private school?

So that you can afford extra luxuries that life can offer you?

Feel more confident?

Be able to be mobile?

Then ask yourself, are they strong enough to keep you motivated?

Whatever it might be, list as many reasons as possible why you have decided to pursue your chosen path, in your diary or somewhere where you can access with ease.  If you have a PDA or a mobile phone where you can capture notes, write the reasons why, so that you can refer to them easily.

Alternatively, write them on a 3’’ x 5” index card or even on some piece of paper that you can carry with you in your pocket. Post them on your fridge.  Have them by your desk. Have them anywhere, and everywhere, where they can be seen at your will so that they become imprinted in the forefront of your mind.

They will act as your boosters.

Use your reasons why, to propel you and keep moving you forward in face of all the negative noise that you might face.

When you are tuning into a radio station and you find that “pirate stations” are competing for the same radio wave frequency, you end up hearing a jumble of noises.  You might end up having to tune into another radio station, losing your chance to hear your favourite programme.  An alternative, if at all possible, is to move closer to where the radio station that you would like to listen to is broadcasting from, where the radio signal would be stronger.

The pirate stations are, in this analogy, your negative thoughts or other external circumstances, such as criticism that will divert your attention from your goal.  You need to move closer to your station, to your goal. You have to keep tuning into your goal otherwise you will lose momentum and eventually drop it.  When this happens you will end up listening in to some other station, living other people’s goals or worse still settling for the noise, the second best, which in reality is not what you wanted or deserve. Your focus is diluted and diverted. This will affect your happiness, your self-esteem, confidence and so on.

You deserve better than that.

You deserve to listen to your own music, to play life on your terms.

When you start losing focus and feel like abandoning your efforts; simply go back to your reasons why in order to prevent this from happening, to keep you “on” frequency, or simply just to keep you tuned in.  Keep them at the forefront of your mind. If possible make it a habit to look at them every day. This will act like your booster when you feel the goal calling at you faintly; it will simply act as a reminder to keep you on track.

Please do leave a comment if this post resonates with you in any way.  If it stirs you positively and you feel someone else can benefit from it, feel free to share this post.

Wishing you great success.

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