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Why is it important to be emotionally free from the opinion of others?/ Part 2

The essence of a raw diamond is always a diamond even in its unpolished form.

Likewise a top athlete, or a top stateswoman, or a high flying executive in essence were always human and just fine as they were even before raising to the dizzying heights of their careers. They simply acquired skills and polished who they were in order to play at the top of their game.  But in essence they had everything they needed to start playing the game.

If you want to fly a helicopter and not yet learnt the skill, this fact alone does not make you imperfect as a human being.  Your power to love; forgive and share, among other human attributes, does not diminish simply because you do not know how to fly a helicopter.  It is simply a skill required for you to become more mobile or satisfy your passion, full stop. It is not a measure of your self-worth.

You need to learn to protect your self-esteem from the criticism of others.  You will not succeed in life if your actions are to primarily please others at the sacrifice of your own needs. This does not mean, however, that you should not consider the needs of others.  On the contrary, in fact as a good marketer you ought to, but you should only do so from a strong emotional standpoint where you do not need to compromise your real self.

It is only when you are being authentic and acting from a place of authenticity that you can truly reach out to those that really need you.  And not when you are simply being fluid and acting in reaction to others’ whims so that you can please them all the time.

Learn to remain authentic to your values and act from your core.  The question you should be asking yourself when taking decisions and acting accordingly is: “am I being congruent with myself and my own values?” Rather than asking yourself “will this please so and so?”

You need to figure out what you stand for? Because if you do not stand for anything specifically, you will fall for everything that comes your way.

As you spend time working on the blueprint of your life, and design your chosen path make sure that you are very clear on what your values are.  As you do so, use them to ground you and give you some sense and meaning in this chaotic world.  And as long as your focus is ethical and not to the detriment to others, you should steadfastly stand by them as the scaffold of what you stand for. Not forgetting that as you edify who you are you can add to the scaffold, fortify it as your needs require or even replace old for new.

I need to make clear that I’m not advocating that you become fanatic and accept your values and beliefs as dogma over everybody else’s.  In reality at times we can and do learn from others. You should be open and strong enough to carefully listen to others and decide when to accept their wisdom as your own or learn from it.

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Wishing you great success.

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