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Why is it important to be emotionally free from the opinion of others?/ Part 3

Along your journey there will be times where what you stand for might not hold true within a particular context and even at different stages of your life. At times like these, you can exercise your freedom of choice between what you hold to be true, against what others might put forward as an alternative.

By accepting that at times we can be wrong and are mature enough to say: “I’m sorry.  You have got it right”, this will only strengthen who you “really “are.

Ultimately all that we have are points of views based on what we stand for and believe in.  And contrary to what many people believe, the truth is not black and white but shades of grey.

What I might hold to be true might be considered by someone else as narrow-minded intolerance of other’s beliefs commonly known as bigotry.

My personal choice of values does not automatically make them superior to anyone else’s.  They were simply chosen by me as the most appropriate to my circumstances.

If I chose a particular dietary regime or follow a particular religion, I should not expect everybody to follow suit.  If they ought to or not, should not depend on my personal choice.

It would actually be disrespectful to other peoples’ way of life to expect them to do so.

Everyone has the right to chose.

The merit of those choices is a matter of personal opinion, belief and point of view. And every single person in the world has their own.

However, in my experience no one I have ever met, or that I know to have lived, except if divine, has held absolute truth.  Truth is rather illusory.  Therefore all peoples’ opinions, beliefs, points of view that are not intentionally oppressive or hurtful to others should be respected. They are all close to the truth.

The important thing to remember is that in a world where no one is steward of the whole truth, yours is as good as anybody else’s. So go ahead, chose those values that you are most comfortable with and stand by them as long as they serve you in your path.

With this knowledge you should hold your head high because it should set you free of what others think about you.

Whatever they think about you is not your problem. It is merely their point of view.

Besides they most likely see the world differently than you do. It is their truth and it does not have to match yours. But that is OK.

The most important point of view about yourself should be your own and not the varied opinions from all of those that come to know about you.

As Seneca reminds us on Letters from a Stoic: “Away with the world’s opinion of you, it’s always unsettled and divided.”

If you act  with integrity at all timesand, you are grounded in a place that in spite of whatever ambitions you hold, you do not seek to oppress or hurt others, you do not have to ask permission or rely on the opinion of others to be your true self.

You do not need to be apologetic for what you stand for.

No more excuses.

So now stand up and be yourself.

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Wishing you great success.

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