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Why is it important to be emotionally free from the opinion of others?/ Part 1

Some of you might not start a business on-line or any type of business, because you might fear what others might think of your efforts.  As one of my mentors Rich Scheferen states “one cannot become financially free until one is emotionally free from the opinions of others”.

Think about this for a while.

Your work-output will never be ready for launch because it will never be good enough for everybody out there?

What happens if I fail?  What happens if people do not like what I have to offer?

What if? What if? What if?

You get the picture. You end up procrastinating and your sales page never goes up. Or maybe the niche you chose is not quite the right one? And so forth.

If you feel that you fear what others might think of you, or are too dependent on the opinion of others, and this is causing you a blockage in getting started, on maybe obstructing your momentum, you might like to read this post.

Considering that this is an important topic I have divided this post in 3 parts. This is part 1.

Hope that you enjoy it.

So, first things first.  Your self-esteem is not linked to the approval from those around you. Imagine sitting around a table with 10 or so people and with every conversation that you engage with, you pander to every individual’s likes and needs in order that you are accepted and liked by everyone.

Who are you really being?

Where is the real you?

You are being a fragmented self rather than a whole authentic you, a reflection, a shadow of everybody else in order to please them all, rather than being your true self. STOP! Stand up for who you really are.

When you accept who you are, you simple just have to be yourself by being you at all times. Only then will others accept you, and you do not need to be like “everybody” else to be liked.

It is also OK for others to not accept who we are being at times.  This is perfectly normal. I have never known of anyone, throughout history who was accepted and loved by everyone. Names like Jesus, Ghandi, Martin Luther King, and John F Kennedy come to mind. Despite of how popular they were, and how noble their efforts were, even they were shunned by many. And all their lives were cut short.

Moreover, the belief that we must first improve in essence, on who we are, in order to be worthy of the acceptance of others and to deserve what we seek, is a misnomer.

At any time in our life, we are just at the right standing to be accepted for who we are and have, do or be whatever we want.

If we feel that there are areas that we can strengthen who we are by developing skills such as better time keeping; becoming more self-disciplined; being more focused and so forth, is not a reflection that we are not OK as we are, because our universal essence as a human is just perfect as it is, but that we simply choose to be more apt to fit within artificial norms created by society.

The essence of a raw diamond is always a diamond even in its unpolished form.

Please do leave a comment if this post resonates with you in any way.  If it stirs you positively and you feel someone else can benefit from it, feel free to share this post.

Wishing you great success.

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