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Help! How to write a sales letter? Part 4

Establishing your Credibility

You have to consider that if you are not already known, when people arrive to your site they have most probably never heard of you.

Thus, the first point to take on board is: before you sell to your visitors, you need to establish the reasons why your reader should feel comfortable and confident  enough to buy from you.

Or as Joseph Sugarman would put it you have to instil in your reader/ buyer the “power of hope”.   “If you present yourself as a credible person representing a credible company – if not selling your own product – then what you say will elicit a feeling of confidence on the part of the prosppect. Then, whatever you say your product did for you or for your previous customers, will be taken as a possibility for your prospect, and the power of hope will compel your prospect to order. And reorder. It might be a book on relationships and how the information changed your life and those of previous readers… Whatever you are selling, with the proper credibility, you will automatically engage the power of hope to sell.”

One of the best ways to do so is to list any accomplishments, qualifications and experience, related to the product or service you are offering.

However, you cannot simply rely on your credentials and successes. So after establishing the problem, you have to:

  • first explain why you can relate to this problem, so that your readers know that you can relate to their “pain”and
  • second proceed to explain what qualifies you to help them solve this same problem.

A good example of this in action is how John Thornhill, my mentor, uses the same principles on one of his sales’ letters at http://www.profitfromplr.com/.

We can see that to personalise the letter and engage with his readers he starts with his name and addresses his audience as Dear Fellow Marketer.  This gives the sales letter a personal tone allowing the reader to identify with John. After briefly relating with his reader he then poses a handful of powerful questions to establish the problem and build common ground.

From: John Thornhill

Dear Fellow Marketer,

 If you’re sick of the hype and bull you are constantly being fed in this so called world of Internet Marketing then you’re going to want to read every single word on this page. You see, it’s time to face facts and it’s time for business. For too long you’ve struggled to get to grips with the online circus which is why today I’m going to give you a …

 Complete Step By Step Formula For Online Success

But first I’d like to ask you a question if I may.

 Does this sound like you?

 “I have tried many different types of business but have yet to succeed. I need a low cost very easy (broken way down, step by baby step) way to see some success so that I feel I can accomplish what others have done. A lot of Internet Marketers assume too much and skip over some of the very basic steps to succeed online.”

Or this?

 “It’s great to tell people how to succeed. There is no shortage of that type of product out there. However, showing someone how to succeed is much more important… I personally consider myself to be a bright person, but much of this info – marketing info products – is overwhelming. I need a step by step guide to the entire process.”

Or maybe this?

 “I’m tired of everyone PROMISING they can make me a millionaire. I want to work at this and make it happen. I’m an honest person and don’t want to lie or cheat in order to make money. I know there’s got to be SOME honest people left in this world.”

Could this be you?

 “John, I feel so brain dead and up against a wall with this stuff. You would be my hero of all time if you could somehow cause me to see through all this maze of stuff and make serious sense of it all to where I can just take off and do it with confidence.”

You might have noticed that within each question there are nuggets of information that plant the seed in the mind of the reader that John’s is a credible, honest internet marketer (which he is, by the way) that can provide value and real know-how. After these initial questions, John masterfully after a few paragraphs writes:

I know because I was in the exact same position just a few short years ago and I can still remember the pain. And now? Well, let’s just say that the online con artists are more afraid of me than I am of them.

This line of copy positions John as someone that can relate to his target audience’s problem. He then proceeds to explain why he is qualified to help his readers solve their problem, by writing:

 You see, I’m a full time marketer and I literally make a fortune online each and every day.

If you proceed to read the sales letter at John’s site you will see that John throughout the letter keeps establishing his credibility and justifying why a prospect should buy from him.

Another excellent way to build your credibility is through the use of testimonials from satisfied customers.  Again using John’s example, if you visit the site you will see he has 9 testimonials.

Using another of John’s sales letters’ at http://www.ninetydaypowerseller.com/ you will see than rather waiting for the end of the sales letter John uses a glowing testimonial straight after the introduction and also at several points throughout.

Your credibility will be well established in the mind of the reader, if after you explain why you are qualified, you present them with a solution to their problem and then back it up with testimonials from satisfied customers.

A word of caution, just because it is recommended that you establish your credibility at the beginning of your sales letter do not over do it and write about yourself for too long.  You do not want to bore your readers because they will stop reading.

Instead, give them enough information that will make them trust you, at least to the point that they would be interested in reading what you have to say.  Then, in order to validate your credibility spread testimonials throughout your sales letter.

Final thought, when you at first do not have testimonials, do not let this stop you in getting your sales letter out there.  You can give away samples of your product to your friends or peers and request testimonials in return.  This can also be done for services that you might or will offer. However, as soon you start receiving testimonials from your clients after your product or service has been launched, add them to your sales letter.

Please do leave a comment if this post resonates with you in any way. If it stirs you positively and you feel someone else can benefit from it, feel free to share this post.

Wishing you great success

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