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Help! How to write a sales letter? Part 4

Establishing your Credibility

You have to consider that if you are not already known, when people arrive to your site they have most probably never heard of you.

Thus, the first point to take on board is: before you sell to your visitors, you need to establish the reasons why your reader should feel comfortable and confident  enough to buy from you.

Or as Joseph Sugarman would put it you have to instil in your reader/ buyer the “power of hope”.   “If you present yourself as a credible person representing a credible company – if not selling your own product – then what you say will elicit a feeling of confidence on the part of the prosppect. Then, whatever you say your product did for you or for your previous customers, will be taken as a possibility for your prospect, and the power of hope will compel your prospect to order. And reorder. It might be a book on relationships and how the information changed your life and those of previous readers… Whatever you are selling, with the proper credibility, you will automatically engage the power of hope to sell.”

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Create the problem

From the very start of your sales letter, it should be clear what problem your service or product will solve for your customers. The sooner the reader can identify with the problem being written about, whilst being made aware that a solution is being offered the better.  Hence, the importance of a very focused headline that indicates what you are offering.

If you have written an impactful headline that grabs your target audience’s attention, followed by an equally appealing subheadline, their curiosity will lead them into your first paragraph, and then the next, and the next and so on.

This is what the great Joseph Sugarman (One of America’s Top Copywriters) in his very insightful book The Adweek Copywriting Handbook: The Ultimate Guide to Writing Powerful Advertising and Marketing Copy classed as his 8th axiom of good copy-writing.

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The Headline

The headline  of your sales letter is the most important components to consider. These are the first things your readers will see, and as such is crucial in hooking their interest in order to command  their attention… get them intrigued… curious… as they are guided along the sales letter.

A headline can impact massively on your sales figures, so do not treat it lightly, do not rush it, and spend adequate time in creating it. I spent a few hours researching and tweaking the headline for my partner’s last product and it is still being tested with Google Optimiser as I’m splitting testing variations, before deciding the definitive combination.

Research by IMC has shown that those headlines that communicate the most compelling benefits of your offer are always the better performers. Actually, I will go as far to say that your headline in order to be successful MUST be full of killer benefits. This will appeal directly to the wants of your target audience and have them jostle to find out more.

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Help! How to write a sales letter? Part 1

So, you have a product for sale?  Well done for getting to this point.

However, your next challenge is to have a sales letter.

No need to panic.

Why not?

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As we bring into our conscious awareness that which we seek, we engage or own internal filter, known as the Reticular Activator System (RAS).

The term “Reticular Activator” comes from the name given to the part of the brain primarily responsible for arousal and motivation in animals (including humans). It’s called the “reticular formation” and it’s located at the core of the brain stem. (See figure 1).


Reticular Activating System (RAS)

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Magical bridge

Magical bridge

The magical bridge between you and all what you desire is your awareness. The first thing you must do in order to make it real anything that currently does not exist within your realm of possibility is to bring it into your awareness.

As humans, normally, we are concerned with enriching our internal and external states.  Internally we might seek contentment; enlightenment; peace; good health; courage and so on.  Externally some would like a leaner body; wealth and its manifestations – a well paid job or a profitable business; houses; cars; boats; jewellery; etc – and so forth.

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