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How to develop self-belief?

The main factor that undermines your self-belief, when you are in motion towards attaining a goal, is self-doubt. The key to self-belief is to curb your doubts. In order to do so you need a mechanism that reigns in or shuts your self-doubting inner voice.

To do so lets briefly explore: how does self-doubt arise?

Self-doubt arises when you have a poor self-efficacy blueprint.  According to Albert Bandura – the Canadian psychologist who has cemented the concept of self-efficacy in his seminal paper of 1977 “Self-efficacy: Toward a Unifying Theory of Behavioral Change” -, “Self-efficacy is the belief in one’s capabilities to organize and execute the sources of action required to manage prospective situations” (1968).

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3. Develop self-belief

It is known that when you choose to enroll others in bringing your vision to life, not only will you increase your chances of success but you will most likely do it in a shorter time.

More importantly, however, is that when enrolling those that will assist you in bringing your vision to life; you should give special attention to the one which you will have on board at all times. The one that will remain, when everybody is ready to abandon ship: YOU. Thus, you would do well in developing absolute self-confidence.

When you act with self-belief, those around you are less likely to stand in your way and will be drawn towards you and your vision in order to make it happen. Thus, it will not only make others give you “permission” to succeed but it will tug you along through the rough patches when you most need it.

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2. Change your default thinking to “I can”.

Beliefs are but solidified thoughts.  If you think constantly: “I cannot”. You most likely will not carry out whatever you think you cannot achieve.

The alternative?

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1. Before setting up on a new endeavor, you need to give your expectations a reality check.

With any endeavor that you decide to undertake you must have a robust mind set, in order to be able to stick to your plan and be able to push through when the tough gets going.  However, to prepare for success you have to start with a reality check.

Yes it is OK to think big but at the same time do not lose sense of perspective.

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So, you would like to know how to persist despite discomfort, pain, inconvenience, in your path towards reaching your goals and your desired life?

Great! I recommend you research Vipassana meditation.

One of Vipassana’s positive results is that it will allow your mind to be calmer and more focused and as you practice while sitting for periods of time, you learn to observe sensations throughout the body, understanding their nature, and developing equanimity (steadiness of mind under stress) by learning not to react to them.

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Practice operating outside your comfort zone.

Humans, as a general rule, are pleasure seeking individuals. Most of the time our choices are based on pain avoidance versus pleasure seeking.

However, the fact is that in our ordinary pursuit of what makes us feel good, we sacrifice the possibility to become extraordinary.

The truth is that most of the things that we truly desire lay outside the reach of our cravings for our immediate gratification and comfort zone. It is this quest for pleasure which sees us addicted to food; nicotine or alcohol and even drugs, rather than pursuing a long term strategy in search of a healthy alternative.  Even when we want a healthier body or a healthier lifestyle the call for the quick pleasurable fix is too great to be ignored.

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